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Great Wall of China Trek – Day 1 – Flying Out

This morning it was alarms set at crazy o’clock for everyone involved in #standrewstrek. The plan was to convene at Edinburgh Airport at 8am to meet the Action Challenge reps who’ll be leading on this fundraising trip to China.

Along with the early morning alarm comes that mild pang of anxiety in the gut; have I packed enough t-shirts and pairs of socks? Where’s my passport?

Married to that is the reality that we’ll be away from family, friends, loved ones for 10 days, counter-acted by the flutter of excitement that big trips like this bring. And then off out into the dark, chilly, autumnal morning we go.

So, the team has all checked in, we’ve got boarding passes in trembling hands, rumours of sore backs and dodgy knees are already been offered, now it’s just a matter of running the clock down until we hit The Wall.

It’s not too late to be involved in #standrewstrek, you can make a donation to support the Hospice using Just Giving. Simply click this link.

Tweet your messages of encouragement on twitter to the fund raisers using hash tag #standrewstrek and follow the updates @standrewhospice.


The #standrewstrek fundraisers arrive at the Airport ahead of their departure to Beijing.

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the group prepare for trekking the great wall of china for st andrew's hospice

In preparation for tough physical endeavours it is, of course, highly recommended that you try and prepare your body in advance.

For trekking the Great Wall of China for St Andrew’s Hospice that means pulling on the boots and getting out in the fresh air and walking. And walking. And walking. Plus a little cycling, and maybe a bit of swimming.

But on top of that, preparing yourself for spending 10 days in the company of strangers in a strange land also has to be considered! Read the rest of this entry »

What’s it like preparing for a fundraising walk for St Andrew’s Hospice?

It all depends on what the fundraising is, of course! In this instance we’re prepping to go to China to trek on the Great Wall for the best part of a week.

So, what’s involved in getting ready to trek the Great Wall of China for St Andrew’s Hospice?

Well, for most of us it requires a degree of organisation. For starters, you have to apply for a visa.

If you haven’t sorted out your visa application by this point before a trek, you better get yourself in gear! Read the rest of this entry »

Great Wall of China Trek - Practice Walk

The fundraisers taking part in the Great Wall of China Trek for St Andrew’s Hospice build their stamina! Click here for our photo gallery of the practice walk.