A little bit of History

“After breakfast we transfer to the Juyongguan section of the Wall. Juyong was constructed in the 5th century and rebuilt a thousand or so years later by the Ming Dynasty. It is considered to be one of the most strategically important parts of the wall because of its link with Beijing. After lunch, we make our way to the un-restored part of Badaling Great Wall for our afternoon trek.

These two sections today are a tough warm-up for our first day on the wall as it is steep in places. From the high points of the Wall the views of misty mountains fade far into the distance. Once finished we transfer back to our hotel for our second night.”

Why do you trek…

People have different reasons for venturing on international fundraising trips for St Andrew’s Hospice. For Liz she decided she didn’t want the “usual rubbish” for her birthday. Instead she asked family and friends to donate to her Just Giving fund so that she could raise funds for the hospice and trek the Great Wall? Her birthday? A very youthful 70.

Looking back on that decision, she’s very grateful for the moral, as well as monetary, support she received from family and friends. “They just told me to go for it,” Liz recalls.

Why is Just Giving so helpful?

Liz noted that her son, daughter-in-law and grand kids could easily take part in sending her this birthday trip of a lifetime. You can still get involved by donating to this trek’s Just Giving page.  Click here;

How does someone like Liz prepare for the rigours of the Great Wall?

Her preparations were short, only deciding she wanted to participate 8 weeks before the event.

“Lots of walks, every day, brisk, uphill walks,” she explained, “I buddied up with a friend and we also tackled a bit of hill walking.”

What was she nervous about? “Some of the narrower parts of the wall make me a feel a bit nervous, we’ll see how I get on!”

With regards to her family and supporters back home, from the Shetlands to Australia, she sends home a big thanks!