the group prepare for trekking the great wall of china for st andrew's hospice

In preparation for tough physical endeavours it is, of course, highly recommended that you try and prepare your body in advance.

For trekking the Great Wall of China for St Andrew’s Hospice that means pulling on the boots and getting out in the fresh air and walking. And walking. And walking. Plus a little cycling, and maybe a bit of swimming.

But on top of that, preparing yourself for spending 10 days in the company of strangers in a strange land also has to be considered!

That’s why as part of #standrewstrek the team of fundraisers meet regularly to walk through the Scottish countryside. It’s 1 part physical preparation, ie. fitness, 1 part psychological training, ie. friendships.

Have you considered taking part in fundraising for St Andrew’s Hospice?

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Here’s some more photos from our recent “fitness and friendships” walk!